Why From My Point Eh View?

Why ‘From My Point Eh View’?

I have always loved art in all its forms. Sketching, painting, pottery/clay creations, carving, floral designs, and many, many other forms, styles and mediums of art.

Even as a young kindergarten student, my teacher pointed out that I had a talent and passion for the arts. I can remember many times during my school years getting into trouble for not paying attention because I was doodling and sketching cartoon characters. These characters always made me smile and gave me a sense of peace. I understand now this was my escape…a total state of focus … a oneness of body, mind and spirit… my Zen. Although at that time I really didn’t know what Zen was, I certainly do now and zen out for many hours in the course of a day. 🙂

Being an artisan vendor in the Ottawa Byward Market, I have discovered, much to my surprise and delight, that folks like to ask about why I created a certain painting or piece. Even more surprising to me is they love to listen when I tell the story… and there’s always a story behind an art creation. They’re interested in why I painted a certain subject, the historical facts or folklore related to it, the feelings behind the painting, any little gem or take away that only the artist (me!) can tell, and many other aspects.

There are many times I exhibit my art when I’m not there in person to chat about it, so I’ve decided to start a blog that showcases not only my sketch and/or final art piece but also tells its story…as if I’m telling it to only you, the reader. A more personal approach to my art that I hope you truly enjoy!

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