Whispering In My Ear Peeper Is Asking Me To Help One Of His buddies

Whispering in my ear Peeper is asking to help one of His buddies.
Peeper Whispering In My Ear To Help One Of His Injuried Buddies
An Injuried Pigeon Name By Us ... Zomba
An injured Pigeon Named By Us … Zomba
Birds Sometimes Need Your Help

Peeper Whispered …… 

“I told one of my little buddies to come see you guys…that you would help”

We see many birds in the Ottawa Byward Market …seagulls, pigeons and a load of smaller bird species. They are all looking for a handout or scraps that have been accidentally dropped, and normally, they can survive on their own. However, one day, Peeper ask if we could help one of her buddies because she was injured. Without hesitation we immediately said “Yes!”. That’s when we notice a pigeon in our stand. She was limping …. struggling as she tried to walk. We knew this was Peeper’s friend. We noticed there was a piece of string wrapped around both her feet making it very difficult to walk. We decided to call her Zomba.

We contacted the Wild Bird Care Centre in Ottawa https://www.wildbirdcarecentre.org They advised us to keep an eye on Zomba and if the tiny string didn’t come off by the end of the week to bring her in. We kept our fingers crossed that the string would come off so we wouldn’t have to put Zomba under stress by having to catch her and take her out of her area. Each time Zomba arrived in our booth, we fed her and checked if the string had come off.
Finally, by the end of the week the string had come apart and Zomba was placing more and more pressure on her injured foot. We also noticed that she kept coming to our stand not only for a daily feeding but also for a nap knowing, if needed, she would be protected.
Unless something changes, I believe Zomba will be ok. I can also say without hesitation or doubt we have made a friend who will continue to drop by for comfort and feeding. I can also say that the word will get out that there is a stand in the Ottawa Byward Market that if you are an injured animal and require help to drop by Peeper’s friends. We will keep you informed on Zomba.

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