The Changing Of The Guards From My Point Eh View

Changing of the Guards

Showcasing The Changing Of The Guards ceremony. In back ground the Parliament building. Watercolour art.
The Changing Of The Guard

Changing of the Guard is an annual tradition that occurs almost every day at 10 am on Parliament Hill beginning late June and ending late August. It’s a spectacle of colourful pomp, pageantry and music.

I had an opportunity to capture the amazing colours and add my playful, fun characters. I sometimes add myself to the art. Can you find me in the painting? (I’m the one taking the picture.) If you’re ever fortunate enough to witness this performance, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve had a number of people purchase a print, including individuals that were or are part of the ceremony, and they have indicated “I nailed it”. That’s what puts a smile on my face! From My Point Eh View

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