Introducing Peeper The Little Green Bird

Peeper The Little Green Bird That Only Speaks To Me
Peeper “The Little Green Bird”

Introducing The Little Green Bird

As you may have noticed, I love people watching and sketching what I see and then guessing what the story is behind the sceneOf course, I’d love to know exactly what the folks I sketch are really saying so I thought I’d contact my little buddy, Peeper.

Peeper and I have known each other for about 8 years now, and I knew, if she could, she’d help me out with this.  We first met each other at a small outdoor cafe where Peeper would hop on each table and hope that people would give her a few crumbs. When she stopped at my table, I’d always give her a little something. I noticed that it seemed like she was listening to people … and I mean really listening … but I thought birds can’t listen and certainly can not talk!!

One day when Peeper and I were the only ones at the café, she said “Hello”.  I thought it was my imagination so I let it go.  Then she hopped closer to me and said it again, but this time louder …  “HELLO” so I knew I wasn’t crazy and that I had actually heard her talkIn total awe and wonder, I asked her name. She explained that she didn’t have one and was simply known as the little green birdStill astonished, I queriedWhy did you pick me to speak to”? She confessed I’ve been watching you and listening closely and know youre trustworthy … I also know by your look if people saw you talking to a little green bird, they’d just shrug and say “Wonder what happened to him? Oh well, he’s not hurting anyone!”

So the little green bird’ and I began meeting each day at the same time, at the same cafe and started to chat up a storm (with me, of course, making sure no one could see me speaking to a bird! Hey, I didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy!!)  It got to be a lot of fun as she’d go from one table to another and come back telling me what people were talking about. I would tell her “Hey, go over there and take a peep”.   After a few weeks, I started to call my little green friend “Peeper”. 

The following spring, Peeper told me her priorities had to change. She had found a mate to share a nest with and raise a family so we’d be seeing each other less. Over the years we’ve kept in contact. She introduced me to her kids and family. We also hooked up at Christmas every year outside the café, same time, and I’d always bring her a little gift. And now, 8 years later, Peeper’s kids have left the nest and she’s more than happy to help me. Now I won’t have to guess what folks are saying …I’ll know for sure, thanks to my friend, the little green bird’.

On a side note ……

Just imagine if people knew I said I have a little green bird friend who speaks to me?? Man, they’d think I’m crazy…lock me up for sure! They’d say “Poor guy, he was such a nice lad. Wonder what happen … you know it’s all in his imagination!!!🙂🙂 Hey it’s NOT in my imaginationobviously notyou can plainly see ‘the little green bird’ in my sketch … she’s right there. You can see her too, right?

Ah regardless, I know I’m not crazy. If I were to ask Peeper to prove she could speak, she probably wouldn’t just to have fun with me. She loves to kid around … that’s what I LOVE about her most. Therefore, I’d certainly appreciate if you don’t tell people I natter with a little green bird friend who chatters back.

Oh! And Peeper did say she has great ideas for my posts! I told her “I’m all ears.” So, stay tuned folks … this should be interesting! Peeper is always full of ideas…

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