Ottawa Le Moulin De Provence From My Point Eh View

Le moulin De provence OTTAWA BYward Market

Back of the Ottawa Byward Market showcasing Le Moulin De Provence watercolour art.
Just another day in the Byward Market.

This painting could possibly top as one of my favorite. I sell my art on the Ottawa Byward Market and on this particular day I was selling and sketching in the back of this building Le Moulin De Provence. In the back of the building most days there is a Busker that preforms. On this day it was this Japanese lady playing her japanese instrument. Now although she is talented she does play the same songs each and every day, all Buskers do the same. The owner of Le Moulin De Provence doesn’t enjoy her music and on this day stood there watching her and wishing she would stop. This brought a smile to my face and knew I had to capture this moment. Just another day in the Byward Market. From My Point Eh View

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