Ottawa Le Moulin De Provence From My Point Eh View

Le moulin De provence OTTAWA BYward Market

Back of the Ottawa Byward Market showcasing Le Moulin De Provence watercolour art.
Just another day in the Byward Market.

This painting could possibly top as one of my favorite. I sell my art on the Ottawa Byward Market and on this particular day I was selling and sketching in the back of this building Le Moulin De Provence. In the back of the building most days there is a Busker that preforms. On this day it was this Japanese lady playing her japanese instrument. Now although she is talented she does play the same songs each and every day, all Buskers do the same. The owner of Le Moulin De Provence doesn’t enjoy her music and on this day stood there watching her and wishing she would stop. This brought a smile to my face and knew I had to capture this moment. Just another day in the Byward Market. From My Point Eh View

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Ottawa Byward Market 1954 From My Point Eh View

Ottawa Byward Market 1954 

Showcasing the Ottawa Byward Market 1954 watercolour art
Ottawa Byward Market 1954

I had to paint this Ottawa Byward Market 1954:)

I’m very fortunate to sell my art in the Ottawa Byward Market. I actually sell my art on this exact street i.e. Byward Street. I was also raised in the area. So I did some research on what it must of been like in 1954, the year I was born. Here is a link on the history of the Ottawa Byward Market. An amazing place to this date!! 🙂 From My Point Eh View

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Ottawa Rideau Canal Buddies From My Point Eh View

Ottawa Rideau Canal

Showcasing the Ottawa Rideau Canal. In the background Parliament building and War Memorial. Lots of little buddies characters along the canal watercolour art.
Buddies Along The Ottawa Rideau Canal

Every piece of art has a story this one ended with making a couple of buddies happy but started by making me realize something.

I have a couple of buddies that often visit me when I’m down at the Byward Market sketching and selling art. There are days when they spend a few minutes and then there are days they spend hours chatting about everything. These two lads are both wheelchair bound and have been most of their lives. Saying that, I have never heard them complain of their situation…as a matter fact, I’m sure they don’t see it as a situation…it’s just what it is. They are also best buddies that help and support each other. On this particular day, they were viewing my latest art, the one thats part of this page. I was showing them all my little characters that I love to add, when one of them ask me “How come there are never no handicapped characters in your art?” I honestly didn’t have an answer so we chuckled about it and it was forgotten. So I decided they were right and thought what a better place to add them but into this piece, seeing they love to ride down the canal. The next time they visited, I told them the piece was finished and to go over and take a peek and let me know what they thought. When they saw it, it brought a smile from ear to ear which in turned warmed my heart and brought an even bigger smile on my face. They asked for a number of prints to give to their family and friends. Often when they are visiting and in my stand, I’m showing someone this piece of art and I ask them to let me know if they recognize any of the characters in the piece. When they recognize my buddies, this brings a smiles on all our faces. They often purchase the piece and ask if it’s ok to get a picture of all of us together, including the person who bought the art …again more smiles. 🙂

Using pencil, ink and watercolour, my style is impressionist, I paint a variety of subjects and then often add little characters that puts a smile on my face 🙂 I have so much fun adding these little characters that I’m sure when someone is watching me paint they must wonder what I’m laughing about. When someone views my art I hope it puts a smile on their face and brings them a sense of peace. From My Point Eh View

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