Love My Grampy

Peeper LOVES her Grampy.....Grampy is Peeper’s Great Grandfather.
Peeper LOVES her Grampy…..Grampy is Peeper’s Great Grandfather.
Chateau Laurier Beautiful Couple Strolling In Evening In Major Hill’s Park
Beautiful Couple Strolling In Evening …. In Fairmont Chateau Laurier Major Hill’s Park

Love My Grampy

Peeper LOVES her Grampy…..Grampy is Peeper’s Great Grandfather. 

He’s 101, but don’t kid yourself he’s still strong and says he’s going to live for another 100 years. He’s flown everywhere, been to most parts of the world and has so many stories he’s just busting to tell. I’m so inspired by his stories that I asked him if he would be willing to share them with us.  

I showed him my watercolour painting of the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, and he said he remembers those times like they were yesterday.  Grampy said he remembers the couple in my sketch as he quietly watched them from a tree top that evening.  He’d love to tell that story.

I showed him my paintings of the Byward Market back in 1912 and 1954.  He said it was easy to get a good feeding from a farmer in those days, which is another story he is itching to tell.  He asked me that if he describes the story in detail,  would I be willing to sketch and paint it… you can guess my answer.  

He has these great Christmas stories he’d like to tell from his days of peeking into windows at Christmas.  Especially the story of a little boy on Christmas morning and the only gift he wanted. In those days there was usually only one income, so you only got one gift … but boy that gift to you was like a million bucks. Also the story of the night everyone came to sing Christmas hymns and the little orphan girl that joined in.   So many stories that Grampy can’t wait till we start, and now he has me to put them on canvas. 

Grampy……I can’t wait to start to paint these stories for you.

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