Feeling Alive Strolling through The Market

Feeling alive strolling through the market. The colors, sounds and the smells makes you feel alive.
Feeling Alive Strolling Through The Market.

Feeling Alive Strolling through The Market

Regardless of where a farmer’s market is located there is nothing like strolling through one.  The colors, sounds and smells makes you feel alive. It’s also a great place to people watch, pickup produce or flowers and speak to the local farmers. A huge shout out to the farmers that do this day in day out.  Getting here at 6 in the morning to set up their stands to ensure that you have an amazing experience.  All kinds of produce that you can bring to the dinner table, and perhaps some colorful flowers for your center piece. As I sit here as an artist I’m thinking folks only experience this once in awhile.  I’m so fortunate to be part of this daily!  Go to your local market today and feel alive.

Thanks Peeper my little green bird friend!! I was always guessing what people said:)

I have the perfect stand in the Ottawa Byward Market for an artist to spend the day.  I sketched and painted this while sitting at my vantage point as a vendor/artisan.  I’m always grateful for this location, as it’s a great place to watch people go about their daily activities and try to figure out what they are thinking or saying.  As people walk by its nice to either chat with them or simply share a smile! I often find out that they have chosen to visit Ottawa from all different areas of the world.

Man its great to be a artist in the Ottawa Byward Market!  Look for my foot in the sketch and you will see why I call these posts….. “From My Point Eh View”   

Eh Canadian Peace Proud To Be Canadian 

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